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cazagen a183f9b8d4 update setup.py 4 years ago
cazagen bec130fc0b ah ofc, it goes *there* 4 years ago
Guillaume GILL ac6f66b083 Make LDAP auth fonctionnal 6 years ago
Guillaume GILL 9f57379f16 Initial commit 6 years ago
Gina Häußge dae29ac175 octoprint.setuptools => octoprint_setuptools (own package) 9 years ago
Gina Häußge 0be049280b Adjusted to use newly introduced setuptools helpers 9 years ago
Marc ea8690235a Small changes based on IRC discuss 9 years ago
Marc 4c6d847dac Added babel stuff, Cleaning and moved requirements into setup.py 9 years ago
Gina Häußge 5742d6c1fc Enable commenting in requirements.txt 9 years ago
Gina Häußge f65880dc80 Initial commit 9 years ago